Family And Medical Leave: What You Need To Know

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law granting employees time for health reasons or pressing family issues under certain conditions. Employers with more than 50 employees are usually legally obligated under FMLA to provide paid leave to qualified workers. The following article examines some key points workers need to know about this law. Eligible The law provides for 12 weeks of unpaid leave per 12-month period as long as the worker meets certain requirements.

3 Instances You'll Need An FMLA Lawyer's Service

At some point, an employee may need leave because of health, family, or military reasons. The FMLA act guarantees workers a certain number of job-protected rest days each year. Employers are required to adhere to the provisions of this act, but there are times when they may not. If you feel that your employer is violating your rights, speak with an attorney. Read on to find out when you may need an FMLA lawyer.

When Employees Should Consider Assistance From An Employment Attorney

In any sort of business, disputes can come up that are sensitive and involve legal matters. Here are a couple of issues that employees may face where they would really benefit from an employment lawyer's skills and oversight. Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is one of the more serious and embarrassing things an employee could face in the workforce today. There may be a co-worker or a boss that tries to advance sexually upon someone at work and then the employee is put into a predicament.

Three Tips To Defend Your Rights With Sexual Harassment Attorney Services

More than 80 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment in some form or fashion. Whether it happens in the workplace or in your personal life, it is a serious issue that you should give your attention to whenever one of these occasions happens. A sexual harassment attorney is just the person that you need to speak to when you are confronted with this. Use these tips so that you can handle any kind of sexual harassment case.

Circumstances When You Should Contest A Deceased Loved One's Will

While most wills are straightforward and can be executed without any questions or issues, there are some circumstances where a will may be contested. In those situations, whoever is contesting the will takes the claim to court, explaining why they believe the will to be invalid or why they feel that it should not be executed as it is written. Here are a few common reasons why you might feel it necessary to contest your deceased loved one's will.